The Battle for the Labour Movement
Morning Star
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A Morning Star Pamphlet by Robert Griffiths 1 2015: a year of struggle January 2 1 Despite its flaws Labour remains the best choice for the working class March 11 3 Socialism is the only antidote to exploitation May 1 4 After the election, what priorities for the left? May 23 6 The Tories are fighting on a wide front – so must we June 20 8 Bail-out sell out July 14 10 The illusory recovery August 8 12 Big spending – the spark our economy needs August 10 14 Corbyn's victory stands to chart a new course for Britain September 14 16 An unabashed socialist is at the helm again October 3 18 Privatise the profits – the only game in Tory town November 27 20 2016: A year for decisive advance November 28 22 March, demonstrate, lobby & strike against Tory government policies January 2, 2016

Robert Griffiths

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