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Wednesday, 22 May 2013 00:00

The National

Trouble Will Find Me (4AD)
by Will Stone

Not the most exiting of bands, The National's music sounds so grey and drab that they'd be the perfect billing to perform at some windswept music festival.

But the band's nevertheless built up a sizeable following and this more tuneful album is better than their previous effort High Violet. Vocalist Matt Beringer's songwriting, full of dramatic pathos, seems to have matured somewhat as well.

There are moments of chamber pop with much of the album awash with strings and sounding in parts akin to the Tindersticks - the great Fireproof and Sea Of Love being two examples.

The end result is contemplative and brooding but like so much indie music of this ilk it has a tendency to wallow in the depths of navel-gazing self-obsession without leaving a great deal for the listener to get off on.

So the end result is inevitably one for those who've just been dumped.

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