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Wednesday, 22 May 2013 00:00

Icky Blossoms

Icky Blossoms (Saddle Creek)
by Ian Sinclair

Nebraska. Home of bleak Bruce Springsteen ballads and Heartland Rock, right?

Icky Blossoms's debut record, along with much of the Saddle Creek band roster, shows this up for exactly what it is - a lazy, journalistic stereotype.

Formed in 2011, the Omaha-based three-piece trade in tight, chunky dance-pop beats and rhythms. Fans of Metronomy and New Order will find much to enjoy here.

Opener Heat Lightning rocks along with pounding, dancey synths while the girl-power anthem Babes brings to mind the mathematical electro of Daft Punk.

The album is imbued with dark, religious and sometimes sexual undertones, with Deep In The Throes referencing being baptised in a river, new life and a child being born and another's called Sex With The Devil.

Yet, apparently inspired by spending endless late nights in clubs, Icky Blossoms certainly make music to move to.

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