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Monday, 26 August 2013 00:00

Campaigners tell Tesco to shelve the lads' mags

by Paddy McGuffin Home Affairs Reporter

Protesters targeted Tesco stores across the country this weekend to urge the supermarket giant to end its sale of "deeply harmful" lads' mags.

The Lose the Lads' Mags campaign staged demonstrations at a number of stores against the firm's decision to continue selling magazines such as Nuts and Zoo to over-18s.

They argue that displaying naked and semi-naked images of women on magazine covers fuels attitudes underpinning violence against women.

Exposing staff and customers to such images could constitute sex discrimination or sexual harassment and lead to legal action, they claimed.

Around 50 demonstrators gathered outside the Tesco store on London's Regent Street displaying a banner with the phrase: "Sexism - every lads' mag helps."

Protest organiser Kat Banyard said the firm must "show leadership" by no longer selling magazines which treat women as "sex objects."

She accused the firm of "sending out the message that it's normal and acceptable to treat women like sex objects."

Around 20 demonstrations took place outside Tesco stores in cities.

A Tesco spokesman said that the firm has held "in-depth conversations with our customers about this issue" and promised that it was "putting new measures in place" as a result of the consultations.

"We've listened carefully to the concerns raised by the campaign groups, but our priority is to make sure we meet our customers' needs and expectations," he said.

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