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Tuesday, 27 August 2013 00:00

Writer aboards people's protest

by Our News Desk

A huge protest set to encircle Tory Party conference on September 29 was at full steam today as author Owen Jones became the latest to sign up to a special train chartered for the occasion.

The Save Our NHS protest in Manchester is set to be the biggest demonstration yet in opposition to the Con-Dems' health cuts with thousands of activists descending on the city.

Trains and coaches will ferry thousands of people from across the country.

The People's Assembly has announced plans for a charter train to ferry hundreds from London to the north west.

Mr Jones threw his support behind the demonstration today.

He told the Morning Star: "Working people are going through the longest squeeze in living standards since Queen Victoria sat on the throne.

"A million families have been driven into the arms of loan sharks and half a million depend on food banks in the seventh richest country on Earth.

"We need the broadest possible coalition to take on a government with no mandate and that's why I'm backing the People's Assembly and mass demo on September 29."

He added that he was looking forward to the ride there.

"It won't just be a train journey - it will be a mass democratic meeting with a defiant atmosphere," he said.

The deadline for charter train tickets is Saturday September 28.

Visit www.thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/transport/ to book.

Details of local coaches are available at www.falseeconomy.org.uk/nhs299.

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