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Wednesday, 28 August 2013 00:00

Crown Post Office workers mount their pickets

by Luke James

Crown Post Office workers dedicated their latest strike today to their families and the communities that would bear the brunt of planned closures and outsourcing.

Across England, Wales and Northern Ireland members of communications union CWU mounted pickets outside big high-street post offices for the 11th time in a year.

Front-line staff told the Morning Star that despite the length of the dispute their resolve to keep their jobs, stop closures and win decent pay was only becoming stronger.

Counter worker John Batt and all 14 of his colleagues staged a protest outside the Holloway Road office in north London.

He said: "Almost all of my colleagues have families, so it's been difficult for them with the economic situation the way it is, but they've all come out on strike.

"People who didn't initially support the action have actually been persuaded to come out since it was announced senior management have received bonuses of £15.4 million."

Explaining a two-year pay freeze, CWU's Geoff Poole added: "Our pay will be the same in 2015 as it was in 2011 but our bills are going up all the time, so you have to cut back to make up for it."

The Holloway Road campaign has received the support of local Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn and thousands of local people.

Mr Batt said: "Obviously it's inconvenient for them, but they've understood the reasoning behind it and well over 4,000 have signed our petition."

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