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Wednesday, 21 August 2013 00:00

Mark Thomas: 100 Acts Of Minor Dissent

by Chris Bartter

Stand 4, Edinburgh

Mark Thomas is embarking on a huge gamble and a massive tour.

He has set himself a year, finishing on May 14 2014, to devise and carry out 100 acts of minor dissent, taking direct action to challenge anti-social, anti-community and commercially exploitative behaviour.

In his Edinburgh festival he treats us to some samples, from putting stickers declaring "Signed by the author" on big bookstore chains' copies of the Bible to placing pictures of the offending owners as markers on uncollected piles of dog shit, to organising a ceilidh in London's premier Apple store - a "flash-hoolie" - to mark the fact that the company chooses to pay tax in Ireland rather than Britain.

The show is delivered with Mark's customary commitment and wit, and shows he has lost none of his acerbic turn of phrase.

Particularly popular is the setting up of a website gathering volunteers to help bonus-less bankers leave the country as they often threaten to do - www.wewilldrivethemtotheairport.co.uk is worth a visit.

The pressure on Thomas to carry out this mammoth task is increased by his commitment to give a £1,000 donation to Ukip if he fails.

Looking at the schedule he has set himself, Nigel Farage shouldn't be counting his chickens any time soon.

Thomas is also appearing at a couple of lunchtime shows at the Famous Spiegeltent this weekend.

Here he'll ask academics whether the ideas collected to form his manifesto - a previous huge project - are in any way feasible.

Runs at Stand 4 until August 25. The Manifesto at the Famous Spiegeltent runs from August 24-25.Follow Mark Thomas's acts at www.markthomasinfo.co.uk

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