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Friday, 23 August 2013 00:00

Lovelace (18)

by Rita Di Santo

Directed by Rob Epstein
and Jeffrey Friedman

This biopic looks at the public and private life of Linda Boreman - "Linda Lovelace," the first porn star, who started the "adult film industry" with the Deep Throat film.

At 19, she was an ordinary girl from Florida who has lived a quiet life with her working-class parents.

But when she meets Chuck Traynor her life becomes a rollercoaster.

Traynor becomes her husband and, soon after, her manager as he drags her into the porno industry.

Away from the porno chic world of the '70s, Boreman's private life is hell.

Manipulative and venal, Traynor threatens, beats and controls her, keeps her money and forces her into prostitution.

She's his prisoner until she finally gets away. This one-time victim doesn't succumb but stabilises her life in this gripping portrait.

A superb cast is headed by a convincing Amanda Seyfried as the infamous porn star in a film that neither romanticises nor victimises Lovelace.

Truth is stranger than fiction in this intelligent and original account of empowerment.

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