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Saturday, 02 February 2013 00:00

Raise a glass to Stalingrad

Tomorrow marks the final day of victory 70 years ago in the Battle of Stalingrad.
Friday, 01 February 2013 00:00

Unprincipled adventurism

The Middle East has long been the biggest festering sore on the face of world politics and the continuous aggression from Israel the infection that keeps that sore open and weeping.
Thursday, 31 January 2013 00:00

Taxes and Tory lies

The biggest lie of the long list the Tories have told us is that they have any interest in fixing the public finances.
Wednesday, 30 January 2013 00:00

No excuse for Mali meddling

David Cameron must be getting a taste for war. Little over a year after the bombs stopped falling on Libyan civilians and with thousands of British troops still bogged in the Afghan quagmire, our Prime Minister is all too eager to set out on another military adventure.
Tuesday, 29 January 2013 00:00

Racism in police still endemic

Is it any wonder the police are facing an embarrassing shortage of ethnic-minority officers? Sir Peter Fahy has identified a glaring problem but ignored its equally glaring cause - that the police are institutionally racist.
Monday, 28 January 2013 00:00

Government of destruction

By any normal standards, George Osborne's obduracy in the face of an impending triple-dip recession would be seen as incompetence or a failure to connect with reality.
Monday, 28 January 2013 00:00

Our movement must be bolder

The call made by Saturday's trade union conference in Liverpool to begin preparations for generalised strike action is timely.
Friday, 25 January 2013 00:00

Two-for-one on Tory fibs

David Cameron was offering a two-for-one deal on Tory fibs today with a laughable sham of a speech at the World Economic Forum in the wake of a party political broadcast that flat-out lied to the voting public.
Thursday, 24 January 2013 00:00

Let the real EU fight begin

What a bind David Cameron finds himself caught in. Trapped between his fat-cat friends who love the EU business-friendly policies and attacks on workers, and his party's racist right who hate the EU out of blind nationalism.
Wednesday, 23 January 2013 00:00

Elderly care facing crisis

"Care in the community." Those are words to send a shiver up the spine of anyone who remembers the darkest days of Thatcherism.
Wednesday, 23 January 2013 00:00

Don't cry for the military

The latest round of cuts in Britain's military spending should be welcomed by all who want to restore sanity to a world filled with the horrors of mass slaughter in Afghanistan and Iraq, drones in Pakistan, torture in Abu Ghraib, al-Qaida terrorism in London and New York, murder in Ain…
Monday, 21 January 2013 00:00

Fertile ground for fascists

Beware the march to war. This year marks the 80th anniversary of Hitler's power grab in an earlier depression-hit, austerity-era Europe.
Saturday, 19 January 2013 00:00

Taking on the energy barons

Heat or eat. Increasingly under the conservative coalition and the cruel ideological agenda that it is so relentlessly pursuing in the name of "austerity," that is the choice facing ordinary people.
Friday, 18 January 2013 00:00

PM's dodgy tightrope

There are few certainties in politics, but one thing that can be highlighted with little fear of contradiction is that nothing of value will come from David Cameron's speech in the Netherlands tomorrow.
Thursday, 17 January 2013 00:00

Outrageous injustice

The letter from public-service union Unison to local councillors lays bare the hardship that this government of multimillionaires is deliberately imposing on local authority workers.
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 00:00

Libya all over again

The situation in Mali is directly linked to the Nato mobilisation in 2011 to overthrow the Gadaffi regime in Libya.
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 00:00

Devil's in the detail

David Cameron insists that the coalition proposals on the state pension are "fair," but they are a typical "hardship today, jam tomorrow" Tory offering.
Monday, 14 January 2013 00:00

Miliband must up his game

Ed Miliband's Fabian Society speech attacks the divisive effects of the conservative coalition's policies, but his One Nation responses are lightweight and ineffective.
Saturday, 12 January 2013 00:00

Society failed our children

The scale of Jimmy Savile's single-minded campaign of sexual abuse against children and other vulnerable people over six decades is staggering.
Friday, 11 January 2013 00:00

Fat profits from prisons

The coalition's prison closure plans have all the hallmarks of a classic Conservative double whammy - a cost-cutting measure that dumps the burden on already overloaded staff and offers a fat profit for the Tories' friends in big business too.
Thursday, 10 January 2013 00:00

Probation the next target

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling claims that it is necessary to transfer 70 per cent of probation services to the private sector because reoffending has been "too high for too long."
Wednesday, 09 January 2013 00:00

The coalition has got to go

Whenever capitalist politicians assure you that their sole concern is the national interest, check your wallet or purse to see whose grubby fingers are in it.
Wednesday, 09 January 2013 00:00

All in hock to a City elite

Treasury Minister David Gauke resorted to a time-honoured parliamentary device to discredit Michael Meacher's accusation of government subservience to corporate interests over tax avoidance.
Monday, 07 January 2013 00:00

War won't help Syria

Pots and kettles come to mind when members of our conservative coalition government accuse someone of hypocrisy.
Saturday, 05 January 2013 00:00

Labour falls short again

Ed Balls's plan to fund employment for workers who have been out of work for two years through reducing pension tax relief for people paid over £150,000 a year is far too timid.
Friday, 04 January 2013 00:00

Elephant in the room

How out of touch is the House of Commons transport select committee that it can look at the future of Britain's railways and yet fail to notice a whacking great elephant sitting in the corner.
Thursday, 03 January 2013 00:00

No excuse for private rail

Among David Cameron's election-time porkies was the classic declaration that he wanted the conservative coalition to be the "greenest government ever."
Wednesday, 02 January 2013 00:00

Time to up the ante

Welcome to 2013 and a make-or-break year in the great fight against the Con-Dem coalition of millionaires.
Monday, 31 December 2012 00:00

Class war at its most brazen

David Cameron declares in his new year message that "we are on the right track."
Saturday, 29 December 2012 00:00

Warm words aren't enough

No-one can fault the sentiments of Ed Miliband's new year message, especially his pledge not to write off anyone in our country.
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