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Wednesday, 17 July 2013 00:00

The coal women of Spain are on the march

by Tom Gill Mining communities aren't going to lie down under EU-backed plans to shut them down
by John Wojcik This verdict must be a cry for action on race
Tuesday, 16 July 2013 00:00

Immigration myths

by Natalie Bennett The left must challenge toxic rhetoric about migrants spewing from the mouths of all main party leaders
Tuesday, 16 July 2013 00:00

Is there really a north-south divide?

by Megan Dobney Contrary to expectations workers in every corner of the country are in the same boat
Tuesday, 16 July 2013 00:00

Fact-finding on Cuba

by Peter Lazenby Peter Lazenby recently visited Cuba where he met a group of young British trades unionists on a learning curve
Monday, 15 July 2013 00:00

Hypocrisy alive and well at York synod

by Peter Frost The Church of England is still not willing to listen to victims of clergy child abuse
by Ian Sinclair The allegations of chemical weapons use in Syria
Monday, 15 July 2013 00:00

In tribute to the Chartists

by Malcolm Chase With the 175th anniversary of the People's Charter this year, we examine the significance of the great mass movement for political reform
Saturday, 13 July 2013 00:00

Slip-ups in the shadows

by Paddy McGuffin From princes to prisons, examples of dodgy dealings being covered up are all around
Saturday, 13 July 2013 00:00

Get behind the people's press

by Richard Bagley We invite you to become a newspaper owner
Saturday, 13 July 2013 00:00

The story of Little Moscow's banner

by Peter Frost Among the banners at the Durham Gala today one stands out.
Saturday, 13 July 2013 00:00

Casino politics: an unprecedented gamble

by Ian Lavery MP Miliband is taking a big risk by changing the way that the Labour Party and trade unions interact
by John Haylett The Labour leader seems oblivious to the damage he could cause to relations with the trade union movement
Saturday, 13 July 2013 00:00

It's the future we're fighting for

by John Haylett We're hoping to lift up young people at today's gala, says Davey Hopper
Saturday, 13 July 2013 00:00

Shining a light on South Africa's mines

by Grahame Morris MP Too many miners are condemned to lingering deaths from tuberculosis
Saturday, 13 July 2013 00:00

Egypt's ongoing revolution

Egyptian Communist Party leader Salah Adly talks to Navid Shomali on why Mohammed Morsi had to go
by Pat Glass This shameful policy will not save money nor free up social housing
Friday, 12 July 2013 00:00

Bedroom tax already starting to bite

by Michael Meacher The illogicality and callousness of the bedroom tax is now being totted up in family lives ruined
Friday, 12 July 2013 00:00

Not a time for 'quick-fix' solutions

by Jim Sheridan MP Amid the Falkirk selection fiasco clear heads are needed
Friday, 12 July 2013 00:00

Bird-killing Tories

by Peter Frost Threatened buzzards are under attack by pheasant-shooting toffs and their allies in the Cabinet
by Bob Newland The issues facing South Africa and asks how the 'born free' generation will continue the liberation struggle
Thursday, 11 July 2013 00:00

A very Blairite coup

by Mark Seddon Why has Miliband allowed all of the blame for any problems selecting Labour Party candidates to be placed at the door of Unite
Thursday, 11 July 2013 00:00

When capitalism can't

by Pat Barile Why our current economic system cannot provide jobs for everyone who is willing and able to work
by Kenny Coyle Despite general apathy the Japanese Communist Party's principled policies have been rewarded with a substantially increased vote
Wednesday, 10 July 2013 00:00

Time we took on our real enemies

by Jeremy Corbyn The whole point of Labour is to provide a voice for working people. Cutting off the unions is giving the right precisely what it has wanted for decades
by Grahame Morris The party must retain its vital link to ordinary people
by Paul Donovan What an 83-year-old's trip to Dignitas could mean for the euthanasia debate in Britain
Wednesday, 10 July 2013 00:00

The real alternative to Trident

by Kate Hudson The MoD's review of other nuclear options didn't address the key questions
by Gawain Little A look at who's waiting in the wings behind Gove's 'free school' project
by Christopher Evans MP Co-ops enjoy popular support, so why isn't the government encouraging them
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