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Saturday, 17 August 2013 00:00

Keep that fascist di Canio off our pages

It was with incredulity and outrage that I read Roger Domeneghetti's article on Sunderland AFC and his comments on their fascist manager Paolo di Canio (M Star August 9).

Domeneghetti appears to argue that it doesn't matter that SAFC appointed a self-proclaimed fascist as their manager ("his political views aside.")

I cannot believe that my paper - the only socialist and progressive daily in the country - could publish such drivel.

How can we possibly ignore di Canio's disgusting political views?

Do we take the apparent position of Show Racism the Red Card and produce an anti-racist poster with a self-confessed fascist in a prominent position? (See a recent Searchlight blog for more information on this.)

Domeneghetti argues that "there is a huge amount to be positive about at Sunderland."

Perhaps he should have spent some time talking to ex-supporters like myself who were subjected to vile personal abuse and threats of physical violence because we voiced our opposition to this appointment.

The club gave us no support and refused to comment on such threats. We see nothing positive coming out of our club for as long as we have an individual such as di Canio in charge.

Let us be absolutely clear about this individual, he has had numerous opportunities to recant his fascist views and has refused to do so.

I am very disappointed that the sports editor decided it was appropriate to print an article which is so dismissive of fascism and wonder how this fits with general editorial policy on this issue.

Jim Fox


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