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Tuesday, 20 August 2013 00:00

Don't look for political saviours in Parliament

While Kim Howells and Peter Mandelson may turn their backs on the unions, let's celebrate the contribution made by the brave men of Merthyr, Newport and Llanelli who gave their lives for a better world.

In 1911 industrial unrest spread across South Wales. Accidents took thousands of lives. Railwaymen suffered from long hours and wage cuts.

In Llanelli a strike was called and all 500 railwaymen came out.

The bosses responded by bringing in the Worcester regiment. The strikers were met first with fixed bayonets and then with gunfire. Two innocent bystanders were killed.

Out of that grim day came a movement from which the Labour Party formed, which after its victory in 1945 changed Britain for the better. The NHS, full employment and social justice were its goals.

On Saturday we commemorated the Llanelli strike. Butthe struggle for a better life for all still goes on.

The message was: don't look to politicians to stop the attacks on our hard-won rights, health and services. We must take control of our own lives as we have down the centuries.

Ray Davies


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