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Tuesday, 20 August 2013 00:00

Judgement of Cromwell must be by 1650 rules

Oliver Cromwell's statue stands in Westminister and should remain where it is.

Advanced groups of the time such as the Diggers and Levellers put forward a more democratic vision of society, opposed to Cromwell's autocratic rule and building of the foundations of the British empire.

They were, unfortunately, betrayed and suppressed by the Lord Protector.

Yet Cromwell was a man of his time and his actions were typical of the 17th century.

He will always be remembered for his exceptional qualities, as a successful military leader and an early republican.

Cromwell will be forever celebrated for the role he played in ending the tyrannical reign of Charles I and establishing the Commonwealth.

He is particularly remembered by those still committed to the good old cause.

Cromwell certainly fell short when judged by modern socialists but it would be foolish to judge a man born in 1599 by 21st-century standards.

George Waterhouse


Search (Letters)