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Tuesday, 20 August 2013 00:00

The Star must find a better way to deal with Di Canio

Jim Fox's letter (M Star August 17-18) made me go back and look at the original article.

I agree that it's offensive in our paper, which prides itself on its anti-fascist stance.

I can see that in the sport pages it could be difficult to completely ignore Di Canio and Sunderland FC.

The problem with this article is that it's part of the Premiership pre-season review and it only mentions the politics to set them aside.

If we're to live up to our claim to be a paper with a different approach then we can't afford to ignore Di Canio's politics.

I also think that this letter cried out for some editorial comment in reply, either defending the original article or accepting the criticism and promising to do better in future.

Margaret Levy

Newcastle upon Tyne

Note from editor: For clarification, the issue of our coverage of Sunderland this season has been discussed.

We view the presence of Di Canio, a declared fascist sympathiser, in the Premiership as a significant issue that cannot be separated from sports coverage.

Rather than boycott all reports mentioning the club, the paper's current policy is to boycott any comments made by or mention of Di Canio.

Therefore any rare coverage of him that does appear in the Morning Star will in future be made purely in terms of his political stance.

The Morning Star has previously reported his appointment from this perspective and has also attempted to secure a feature from aggrieved supporters.

However due to threats made to their personal safety this was not possible.

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