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Thursday, 22 August 2013 00:00

Nothing for Palestinians in a four-pact solution

Uri Avnery espouses a four-pact solution to the problem of the illegal Israeli colonies that encircle Jerusalem and pepper the West Bank (M Star August 7).

Two of his four pacts are internal matters for Israel - buying out the quality-of-life colonists and bringing over public opinion to make headlines move.

But the other two, Jerusalem and land swaps, are Israeli-Palestinian issues and I find it hard to see what Avnery thinks is in it for the Palestinians. The colonists (or settlers as he calls them) live, he agrees, "on expropriated land and have justly earned the hatred of their neighbours."

Nowhere more so than Jerusalem. Yet Avnery suggests things be left as they are there. Are Jerusalemites not Palestinian? Do they not view the colonies through Palestinian eyes? If Jerusalem, why not Hebron?

And land swaps? Are there bits of Israel the Palestinians have their eyes on? Or any that Israel might hand over? Where are they? Who lives there? How would doing so compensate those whose livelihoods the colonies have destroyed?

Bob Deacon


Search (Letters)