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Thursday, 22 August 2013 00:00

Are Royal Mail stamps just a nasty prophecy?

Regarding Mark Seddon's excellent feature on the sell-off of British industry (M Star August 16), members of Honiton Senior Voice protested against the sell-off of Royal Mail on the day it issued a set of stamps to celebrate British "thoroughbred" car marques, omitting to mention that none of them are now British.

The quality of these iconic images certainly does justice to the British workmanship put into the cars themselves, though few could be afforded by the workers.

Here is the graceful, hand-built Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1965, now owned by BMW, the superb lines of the Jaguar E-type 1961, sold to India's Tata Motors, and the classic looks of the 1962 MG bought out by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation.

Can there ever have been a more revolutionary wedge shape than the Lotus Esprit 1976, last year bought by Malaysia's DRB company?

The biggest shareholder in the Aston Martin, producer of the DB5 1963 - the James Bond Car - turns out to be an Italian company.

Perhaps we should not be surprised. These five iconic images of British cars may go the way of the cars themselves.

They may be the last special stamps to be sold by Royal Mail, now wholly owned by the public but eventually to be off to Deutsche Post or whatever.

While parading as patriots, these grubby Tories will sell anything whether bolted down or stuck on an envelope.

Tony Simpson


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