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Monday, 26 August 2013 00:00

Brutality in Palestine a direct legacy of Europe's Holocaust

Far from having nothing to do with the European Holocaust as Linda Clair claims (M Star August 21), the brutality, suppression and ethnic cleansing we see inflicted in Palestine is a direct legacy of what was done in Europe.

The Holocaust is used as an excuse for the very victimisation and expansionism its memory should preclude.

Unfortunately the excuse is only too predictable.

After 2,000 years of constant humiliation and persecution the Jewish people achieved some power 50 years ago, brought about by association with the world's most powerful country.

Is it surprising that they have abused that power at times, and would not other peoples in their position act in a similar manner?

This is not to excuse them, just as there is no excuse for the Holocaust.

Understanding the causes of an atrocity is not to exonerate it and if any solution is to be found to the problems of the Middle East, such actions must be condemned.

The suggestion that peace would be achieved if Israel suddenly withdrew to its pre-1967 borders is a notion refuted in this paper by the same correspondent who proposes it, while simultaneously asserting that Israel was advancing beyond her borders well before 1967.

To suggest that Israel is not threatened is to deny that its very existence is perceived by some as a threat, easily interpreted as a cause for aggression. It would satisfy many if she just disappeared, pushed into the sea as Nasser suggested.

Any other solution will not be found in a view of history that only peddles one viewpoint, however disturbing the plight of the minority it seeks to defend.

Danny Kingshill


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