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Wednesday, 28 August 2013 00:00

Barbaric governments are dragging us back to ooze

Once again the world is awash with slaughter on an industrial scale.

State-financed military forces inflict suffering on the defenceless who endure the barbaric consequences for the audacity to demand democracy.

I, like millions of other people in the safe world, find it hard to relax in the comfort of an armchair while watching television scenes of the most unacceptable slaughter.

Human beings have been honing their skills to commit atrocities ever since they learned how to hone pieces of flint but a few dragged themselves a little further out of the primeval swamp and claimed the status of civilised human beings with various explanations that the violent solution is wrong.

But a contradiction must arise when innocent people are slaughtered by weapons produced by people living in the safe world and sold by their so-called democratic governments to sustain their living standards at a cost to innocent people dying for democracy.

Those of us uncomfortable in our favourite armchairs are unwillingly being dragged back deeper into the primeval swamp.

Bob Chapman

Canvey Island

Search (Letters)