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Saturday, 04 September 2004 00:00

Thatcher posts bail in South Africa

ALLEGED Equatorial Guinea coup plot financial backer Mark Thatcher posted his bail of £167,000 in South Africa yesterday.
Saturday, 04 September 2004 00:00

Loyalists attack pub with digger

SINN FEIN blamed loyalist paramilitaries yesterday for an attack in which a JCB digger crashed through the front of a Belfast pub.
MACEDONIA'S parliament called a nationwide referendum yesterday on a disputed decentralisation law that gives the country's ethnic Albanians more power.
US private research group the Arms Control Association and US former senior official Robert Einhorn accused the Bush administration on Thursday of trying to derail a proposed international ban on the production of material used to make nuclear weapons.
Saturday, 04 September 2004 00:00

Russian school siege ends in violence

RUSSIA'S hostage crisis came to a chaotic end yesterday, when commandos stormed the school where militants strapped with bombs had held hundreds of captives for a third day.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Attackers seize Russian school

ATTACKERS wearing suicide-bomb belts seized a school in a Russian region bordering Chechnya yesterday and took hundreds of hostages, reportedly including 200 children.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Milosevic denies seeking greater Serbia

FORMER Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic denied yesterday that he had sought to carve out an ethnically pure "greater Serbia" in the broken Yugoslav federation.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

UN calls for more Darfur monitors

A UNITED Nations report called for a quick increase in the international monitoring force in Sudan's western region of Darfur yesterday, saying that the government has not stopped attacks against civilians or disarmed marauding militias.
THE US Justice Department asked a judge late on Tuesday night to quash the convictions of a suspected terror cell in Detroit because of prosecutorial misconduct.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Iraqi militants free seven hostages

AN militant group in Iraq freed seven foreign lorry drivers yesterday who had been held hostage for six weeks.
MACEDONIA'S opposition handed parliament a petition yesterday which demands a referendum to revoke a disputed decentralisation law giving ethnic Albanians more power.
PROTESTERS against the Republican Party convention in New York continued demonstrating for a fourth day yesterday.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Sharon vow to hasten barrier building

ISRAELI Prime Minister Ariel Sharon vowed yesterday to speed up construction of the West bank barrier, the day after Palestinian suicide bombers blew up two buses in the Israeli city of Beersheba, killing 16 passengers.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Talks kick off between Northern Irish parties

NEGOTIATORS from Northern Ireland's political parties opened talks yesterday on reviving a power-sharing administration in the six counties.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Iran nuke plan

IRAN has announced it plans to turn tons of uranium into a substance that can be used to make nuclear weapons, the International Atomic Energy Agency said yesterday.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Brazil hails WTO ruling

BRAZIL applauded a World Trade Organisation ruling on Tuesday authorising the European Union and seven other US trading partners to impose more than $150 million worth of sanctions on Washington for failing to repeal illegal anti-dumping rules.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Afghan civilians die in US air strike

A DANISH aid agency accused the US military yesterday of killing civilians when its planes attacked militants during a battle in eastern Afghanistan, backing up similar allegations by a local Afghan official.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Bush speech finalises Republican nomination

US President George W Bush formally accepted the Republican presidential nomination last night in a speech at the end of his party's four-day convention.
JAPANESE Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi viewed a group of Russian-held islands claimed by Japan from a coastguard patrol boat yesterday, brushing off protests by Moscow that the trip could harm relations.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Mexican guerillas display arms

A RECENTLY-ARISEN Mexican left-wing guerilla group made its first armed appearance on Wednesday, stopping traffic, firing weapons and handing out anti-government leaflets on a rural road just 25 miles south of Mexico City.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Malaysia exonerates ex-deputy PM

MALAYSIA'S highest court overturned the sodomy conviction of former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim and freed him from prison yesterday - exactly six years after his removal from office triggered the country's worst political crisis.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

UN probes S Korean nuclear experiment

THE International Atomic Energy Agency is investigating a secret nuclear fuel experiment which South Korean scientists carried out four years ago, South Korea's Science and Technology Ministry said yesterday.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Orde calls for review of parades law

NORTHERN Ireland Chief Constable Hugh Orde called for a review of parades legislation yesterday.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Legislators to strike over Arafat refusal

PALESTINIAN legislators will go on a month-long strike to protest against President Yasser Arafat's refusal to ratify new laws that would force reform in the corruption-ridden Palestinian Authority, officials said on Wednesday night.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Yukos says it can't pay its staff

RUSSIAN oil giant Yukos, which is engaged in a debilitating battle over a huge back-taxes bill, said yesterday that it is unable to pay wages and that production is at imminent risk of stopping.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Militants free 31 from Russia school

HEAVILY-ARMED militants released 31 women and children yesterday from the provincial Russian school where they are holding more than 350 hostages.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Israel threatens Syria with assault

ISRAEL hinted at possible military action against Syria yesterday after this week's deadly suicide bombing in southern Israel.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

17 Iraqis die in US attack

ANGRY crowds of Iraqis denounced the United States yesterday as they mourned the victims of a US air strike on Fallujah that killed 17 people, including three children.
Friday, 03 September 2004 00:00

Court imposes lawyers on Milosevic

THE international war crimes tribunal imposed defence lawyers on Slobodan Milosevic yesterday, following medical reports that his heart condition could put his life at risk if he continues representing himself.
Wednesday, 01 September 2004 00:00

Big trio kick off summit

A THREE-WAY meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Jacques Chirac got underway yesterday, their third summit since the trio united in strong opposition to the US invasion of Iraq.
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