The Sun withdrew its support for Labour in September 2009 as Rupert Murdoch decided Gordon Brown was a lost cause who would no longer do his bidding and switched support to the Tories. This didn’t endear him to Brown. During a later Commons debate on the phone-hacking scandal, in July 2011, the former Prime Minister branded News International "a criminal media nexus" which "claimed to be on the side of the law-abiding citizen" but in fact stood "side-by-side with criminals against our citizens". He went on: "Others have said that in the behaviour towards those without a voice of their own, News International descended from the gutter to the sewer. The tragedy is that they let the rats out of the sewer." Bizarrely, Murdoch later claimed in evidence to the Leveson enquiry that they had bonded over their shared Scottish heritage, both descending from a long line of Presbyterian ministers!

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