James Connolly & The Re-Conquest of Ireland
Morning Star
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Critical reappraisal of Connolly's last major work using a wealth of original documents and photographs. In Connolly's 1915 workt he great revolutionary grapples with questions of nationhood, women's rights, and political and economic democracy in a way that still resonates today. This edition includes forewords by Bob Crow and Paul Kenny. Hard Back

John Callow

When England deprived Ireland of all rights to the soil and to universal livelihood, the Irish people lost control of their economic independence. This work by James Connolly who founded the Irish Socialist Republican Party designs a revolutionary plan for workers to reclaim every industry from the jurisdiction of the master class. The subjugation of Ireland rests on a financial reliance of the oppressed on the oppressor. Connolly outlines how the Irish Nation and the working class can combine their concerns into a policy which allows free intermingling of activities and goals. When this happens self determination will quicken the ambition of Irish people, and a new freedom will rise up to furnish true optimism and rugged purpose.

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