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I'm confused. I thought the Morning Star was free to read online?

Some of the stories and features are available for free, but others are hidden behind a paywall which prevents readers from accessing webpage content without a paid subscription.


What is an e-edition?

An e-edition is a subscription-only digital version of the Morning Star's print edition, available in PDF format and as an App. For the PDF, all formatting, text, images and page furniture is preserved exactly as it appears in the paper version. The App contains the same text as the paper version, but is sized to fit your handheld device. Some images and graphics may not appear on the App.

How do I subscribe to the e-edition?

1. Go to

2. Either choose from one of four subscription packages: Annual, Monthly, Weekly, or a one-off purchase of today's issue. Or if you have a voucher code, simply click on 'Got a voucher code?'.

3. Follow the instructions and when asked, enter your payment card details.


Should I click on 'Login' or 'Register'?

If you already have a Morning Star account, click 'Login' and enter your email and password. Otherwise, click 'Register' and follow the instructions.


I'm trying to Login but I can't remember my password?

Click on 'Forgot your password' and you will automatically be sent an email explaining how to reset your password.


What is a 'recurring' subscription?

A recurring subscription means that you carry on paying the advertised price at regular intervals until such time as you decide to cancel. The Weekly, Monthly and Annual subscription packages are all recurring. 'Today's edition' is sold as a one-off non-recurring item. The terms and conditions regarding voucher codes are published on the relevant promotional material, and highlighted when the code is entered.


When can I read the e-editions?

Our PDFs go live at a minute after midnight on the morning of publication, providing you with early-bird access. They will remain available for the duration of your subscription.


Can I keep e-editions that I've downloaded?

Yes, our PDFs are unencrypted, which means you will never need a password to read them and you can make as many copies on your device for your personal use as you like. You may not distribute the e-edition to third parties without written permission from the Morning Star.


Can I print out the e-edition?

Yes, you are free to print the e-edition, providing it is for your own personal non-commercial use.


How do I cancel my subscription?

A recurring subscription can be cancelled at any time without penalty. To cancel, simply Login in the normal way, click on 'Manage subscriptions', and then click 'Cancel'. Once you have cancelled, no further payments will be taken.


I'm still experiencing problems. What should I do?

Please contact our e-edition manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 020 8510 0815. If you are leaving a phone message or contacting us by email, please state your name, email address and phone number, but do not divulge your password or bank details.

You will need to register with this site before you can login. Once you have registered, you will be able to login immediately.

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