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The Morning Star has key strengths which few other National daily newspapers can boast of, not least the loyalty of its readers. To that end, Star Readers & Supports groups ought to be encouraged to maximise this good will & support in local communities or workplaces, to win new readers & encourage people to discover for themselves the high quality of unique working class news that finds regular voice in the only Socialist daily newspaper in the English language.
Morning Star based events can bring a broad section of Left activists together, organised by Readers and Supports Groups who value the Morning Star's content and editorial policy. Events across Britain, held in the name of the Morning Star, ought to receive material support and assistance from our paper. It is a self-defeating situation if events designed to raise money for our Fighting Fund and seeking to win new readers and supporters, not to be adequately advertised & promoted within the paper they labour to build up financially & to secure its future. The level of support given to each individual event will continue to be determined by the Morning Star.

Seconded by John Foster

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