Building local support for our paper

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To further strengthen the unique role of the Morning Star and help build local organisational strength this PPPS AGM agrees to the following actions:

1) Produce campaign packs for local MSR&SG

2) Produce training packs and encourage supporters to file news stories on relevant local issues. These 'worker correspondents' can help build links with multiple groups locally. (Consider MS ID cards with title "Community Reporter" or "Community Media")

3) Consider allowing these correspondents to publish work on a new community section of the MS web site.

4) Produce short 'How to' video clips on youtube on a range of activities including producing an effective news report.

5) Encourage local public meetings with LP speakers and others on a range of prominent issues, EU - In or Out, Immigration priorities, Trident. Prioritising issues of contention in the movement (Immigration, EU, Trident, Asylum) helps maximise turnout. Having 2 speakers - for and against, also encourages turnout and exposes people to arguments previously unheard.

6) Encourage supporters to interview striking doctors and others, file a story and submit to the Morning Star. Share this on social media.

7) Local groups can have difficulty finding speakers for public meetings. Create database of speakers willing to talk on MS platform and areas on expertise. Share this with local groups.

8) Encourage supporters to promote the paper via their own social media.

Seconded by James Reekie

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PPPS 71st AGM Booklet