Andy Chaffer

The fight back against the Conservative Government's austerity and privatisation has continued to build since last May. The mass demonstrations in June in London, Manchester in October and London this April show that there is a mood to defend the welfare state, fight anti union laws, protect our NHS and campaign for both affordable and social housing.

The fight for jobs and industries continues as the greed of the capitalist class has caused collapses in retail firms and a major crisis in the steel industry. Workers and their unions remain willing to fight back as shown by the BMA's junior doctors striking against an unfair and dangerous contract to the National Gallery dispute of 2015. The rail unions and teachers remain to the fore in defending pay,terms and conditions and services. The election of Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour Party has resulted in a welcome return to the demonstrations and local action by Labour Party activists.

The holding of the Electoral position of 2012 has to be welcomed and should be a signal to the Blairites to let the new leadership get on with the job of winning the next General Election. The coverage and analysis by the Morning Star of all of this plus it's international and cultural coverage has to be applauded. Forward with building and supporting the growing struggle against austerity.

Seconded by Robert Griffiths


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